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get a Bike Fit

In a perfect world, bicycles would be made-to-order. Imagine a bicycle that would fit like a glove and you (the rider) would pedal with a smile. In addition, rising costs of a bicycle make it even more important to know which size to purchase. Luckily, a good bike fitter can help with both scenarios. Before you buy, give us a call to learn more about sizing options.

Looking towards

The Future

Honu Bicycle Co. understands the importance of moving forward (especially when riding a bicycle) and of course preserving what got us here. HBC will strive to provide support and products for traditional bicycles and eBikes. Join our mailing list to stay up-to-speed on future products and services to keep you pedaling for more.

ride in style

keep your head happy.

We’ll be adding more products and services that promote the love for cycling to all. For now, grab a stylish Honu performance hat to keep your head covered on or off your bike. The moisture wicking material and integrated sweatband help you stay comfortable during those active days or even on the lazy ones.