Purpose & passion

our mission

“Inspire and provide a positive customer experience, offering value-added products and services while serving the community.”

our customers

Outdoor enthusiasts that love to pedal. Everyone has different needs when it comes to bicycles and we want to know what your needs are to help find a solution. The products and services we offer come with knowledgeable guidance to ensure you get what you need. Don’t hesitate to ask questions because at the end of the day all that matters is you riding your bicycle with a smile.

Our Community

We care for those around us and have a desire to help when we can. Honu Bicycle Co. seeks to be proactive in helping the less fortunate and support causes that benefit human life while building community. Please contact us to discuss any opportunities to carry on this mission.

ride in style

keep your head happy.

We’ll be adding more products and services that promote the love for cycling to all. For now, grab a stylish Honu performance hat to keep your head covered on or off your bike. The moisture wicking material and integrated sweatband help you stay comfortable during those active days or even on the lazy ones.